Renting Guide

Avignon Realty offers FREE apartment locating service to customers. Our real estate professionals have extensive knowledge of the local real-estate market, and will quickly be able to locate a property that is perfect for your needs.

Considering these 5 steps will make your search much easier, and will allow our real estate professionals to locate your ideal property quickly and efficiently


The most important and significant step in locating the ideal place to rent is setting your price range. Take into account your sources of income, the amount of that income, as well as any major purchases or investments in the future. When searching based on price, remember to factor in the prices for utilities, and moving expenses. Once you have set a base price you will be able to afford, the search can move forward.

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Decide on a location

Consider factors that may affect the location of your potential residence, such as: schools, your place of employment, major highways and interstates, stores, friends, family, etc. By deciding what location(s) would best suit your lifestyle, your search will be narrowed significantly.

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By prioritizing which amenities are most valuable to you, many potential choices will be crossed out. Consider features such as: washer/dryer connections, balcony/patio, bedroom number, square footage, floor, fireplace, bonus rooms, pet policy, etc. While many properties have strict guidelines, some vary by floorplan.

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Signing a lease

Once you have decided which property is right, you will need to sign a lease. The majority of leases will involve basic personal, employment, and financial information. If your income is not sufficient, you may choose a co-signer who can be held accountable. You will also be required to indicate a lease term when signing, which typically range from 6-24 months.

Moving in

When preparing to move, planning ahead is the most important step to remember.

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